Days 14- 18!

by skatetreks on August 11, 2012

Hello boys and girls! Update number three is comin’ in hot!


Day 14- Too fat to push

After two nights of rest in Petaluma with two wonderful people hosting us, it was time to grab the bags and mount the boards again. When we started to sling our packs over our shoulders and clip them around our waists, we ran into a problem. We all had to loosen our packs because we had eaten waaaay too much. Bridge Break As we pushed along the Lagunitas roadside a man pulled us over eager to show us his art and suggest an awesome rest stop. So we napped and rested in a sick redwood grove only known by the locals. As we pushed closer to San Francisco we were joined by more and more cyclists, one of whom stopped us outside a Safeway and wrote a long email on his iPhone to help spread the word.  Mike decided to take a break and hula-hoop with an older woman in the park getting her exercise. The closer to the bridge we got the harder it seemed it was going to be to find a spot to sleep.

Golden Gate Gazzing

Just as we start to get nervous about finding a camping spot, a great guy named Dave offered to let us stay in his house that he was remodeling just north of the Golden Gate… Perfect! So once again we had access to the Olympics and running water.

Day 15- Milk was a bad choice!

We woke up and left our new friend Dave- our bellies full of blueberries and Oreos. We felt like ants as we skated closer to the Golden Gate. As we crossed the bay on the massive structure we dodged hundreds of pedestrians and bicyclists and barely avoided being run over by small vehicles cleaning the bridges sidewalks. San Fran Gun Show After pushing through the city we stopped and ate copious amounts of fruit loops. Feeling sluggish from the lactose, our legs pushed us down the great highway and back onto Highway 1. Just as the sun was making us start to think about a sleeping spot we looked up to a cliffside with a long staircase leading to a seemingly quite bluff. So we walked up the stairs and found ourselves in an abandoned bunker sight full of graffiti. We explored the series of underground rooms and walked to the cliff’s edge and realized we were on the border of San Francisco and totally alone. Bluff side sights Even with less than a liter of water for all three of us and the possibility of many miles before the next fill up chance, we decided it was too rare of a spot to leave behind.

Day 16- Fruit stands in the wind

Surviving the drought, we came into the town of Montara and ate decadent sandwiches while talking music with some locals. With some of the flattest terrain we had skated yet, we pumped at high speeds for hours and made great time. We made a quick stop at a fruit stand to juice up, and pushed even faster until we spotted a hostel. Classy tent site Deciding it was too expensive we ventured on until we hit a campsite we paid ten dollars each for, but the free hot showers and talkative Harley riders made the evening well worth the money.

Day 17- Damn you Taco Bell!

A beautiful day of easy flat pushing led us into Santa Cruz where we spotted the first fast food we’d seen for 500 miles. Deciding we couldn’t pass up the cheap option, we ate our fill of processed yumminess and received cramps shortly after. Cruzin' in Santa Cruz We bought 5 dozen eggs and skated into our friends’ house in Soquel where we feasted, talked, read and shot BB guns at cans for the remainder of the evening.

Day 18- Mikee’s B-day

We woke up and two wonderful girls made a cake for Michael while we made a sixty egg and veggie scramble. We sang happy birthday and spent the morning eating cake and eggs in a circle of chairs in the kitchen, which started the day off wonderfully. Right out of the steep driveway, Mike took a birthday spill and reopened his elbow up a bit. After another five miles he decided one crash wasn’t enough on his birthday so he did it again harder this time. No paparazzi  We enjoyed a nice rest by the ocean so Mike could clean his wounds in the salt water before we took off into the darkening sky. The day got cold and windy as we skated closer to Seaside. Before long the wind was making every push half as effective and making it feel colder than McKayla Maroney’s face when she got silver in the vault. After battling a wind that always seemed to blow against us, we were rewarded with warm beds and pizza at Michaels’ cousin’s house.


So as we sit, sip espresso, and listen to Yo-yo Ma, we peer through the window at a gloomy grey sky and wonder if the weather and the road will finally triumph in their attempts to make us quit our journey (Pfff… yeah right)

Misty Bike Path


Days 5-13 :)

by skatetreks on August 5, 2012


After leaving our cozy spot in Rio Dell, we hit the 101. Our maps took us onto a road called “The Avenue of the Giants”. The coastal redwoods were so tall that we could have fallen off our boards as we leaned back to catch a glimpse of their tops.Mini Michael We stopped in a town called Myers Flat to check the burger prices, but decided that $6 each was beyond our college student budgets. We were sitting outside of the shop exchanging horror stories with the locals when an upstanding chap named John asked us “Hey if I buy you guys burgers will you eat em’?”. You can only imagine what our earnest response was. THANK YOU JOHN! Later on in the day, just as we were finishing 40+ miles, Kevin got smart with a bee and it taught him a lesson.

Our maps led us down the highway for a while where we killed some pretty crazy hills then hit the side roads. We thought of some conversations that the construction workers may have had while paving the roads that day. They went something like this, Roadie friendsBILL “Hey Bob you wanna make this road as treacherous as possible for anyone that might be crazy enough to skate down it?” BOB “You know that sounds like a pretty good plan Bill, let’s put a layer of chip and seal over it then punch pot holes everywhere.” TOGETHER “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
We decided to stop and sleep just north of a town called Leggett, in order to rest up for the next day which would be the biggest climb of the trip. Rolling into our campsite we were happy to see that a bunch of our roadie friends were all camped in the same Hiker/Biker spot as us.
Day 7- Hairpin Heaven
Our much anticipated and dreaded climb went very smoothly and we finished within an hour. A quick shirtless break was enjoyed at the top before we decided to descend (Our T-shirts were so soaked with sweat that it was warmer to have them off). The six miles of downhill that followed was more thrilling than a North Pole skinny dip.Beach bluff cruisin' We rode down the last mountain ranges and pushed along the coastal bluffs until we hit the town of Westport, where we stayed with our friend Stacy’s family. THEY WERE AWESOME! When we sat down for dinner we thought no amount of food could feed us, but they proved us sooooooo wrong. After a night of merrymaking around a fire with some awesome folks we hit the sack- Kevin was so full that it was difficult for him to lay down, Michael was so full that it was hard for him not to lay down.

Day 8- New Shoes!
We got off to a late start because it was so hard to say goodbye to our new friends.Stir Fry Heaven Michael and Kevin’s shoes were worn down to the sock so we stopped in Fort Bragg and made friends with a local surf shop owner Chris who hooked us up with free shirts and huge discounts for new shoes and bearings.

We treated ourselves to a pizza in Mendocino and parked ourselves in Van Damme State Park. An awesome dude named Abnor who saw us way up the road was camping close by and gave us the rest of his stir fry made with home grown veggies and tofu… So bomb :)

Day 9- Homemade Goat Cheese
The morning was one of the foggiest days so far. We had to squint to keep the water out of our eyes as we pushed through a cloud almost all day. When we got to a town named Elk, which has a population of less than 300 people, we stopped in the post office and mailed off some letters.Foggy Bridge BombingThe post mistress asked us if we would stop by the local community center and talk to their kids. So we skated an incredible distance of 3 doors down and hung out with a small group of kids in a basketball court while they rode our skateboards. One of the locals fed us her homemade goat cheese with cucumbers and Spanish olives and we went on our merry way. We came into a small town called Point Arena and were told it had movie theater which is crazy because it didn’t have more than 500 people.

Misty Park TopWe scoped out a spot in a public park and made dinner on a picnic table. We got packed up before dusk and took all of our gear into the warm theater and watched a movie until it was dark enough to sneak out to the city park and set up camp.

Day 10- Fruit to poop
We woke up on the top of a misty park hilltop and made a bomb breakfast. We walked down the hill, dropped our bags at a public restroom and walked across the street to a bakery that people told us could not be missed… they were so right.Blackberry nomb time

Kevin ate a huckleberry pastry that made him smile for just about an hour. Twenty minutes into our skate Mike took a bit of a spill, and Jones and Kevin proved their friendship by literally placing a patch on his bloody butt cheek. After a good amount of pushing we found a huge blackberry bush and dominated berries for an hour. Luckily we all love diarrhea :)  At camp, as soon as we opened food packages, a peacock decided that it might be a good time to come along and hang out with us.

Day 11- Would you like hose water or bathroom sink water?
We left our campsite and almost immediately came across Fort Ross which we spent some time perusing about looking at cannons and stroking sea otter pelts. While pulling water out of some pretty eccentric places along the route, we realized the the trip was already more than halfway over! After some large climbs and some great downhill we decided our bodies could use a shorter day so we pulled into a town called Bodega Bay and starred into space until it was time to slumber.Begging Peacock

Day 12- Bikes behind!
We woke up and skated to the nearest grocery store where we sat and inhaled donuts and coffee with a german cyclist named Chris who we shared snacks with frequently throughout the day as we ran into each other again and again. We spotted some signs warning cars of a cycling event which lifted our spirits to know that we weren’t going to be the only ones on the road. We spilled our way down the route along with hundreds of road bikers who gave fist bumps of approval. Prairie Climbing We stopped just outside Marshall and got picked up by Mike’s AMAZING aunt and uncle who took us to their home in Petaluma.

Day 13- Rest at last…
After some mapping research we found that we could skate a little harder later, and take a days rest for now. So we are currently lounging with our shoes off, watching the olympics, eating like crazy and moving as little as possible. Tomorrow (August 6th) we’ll skate into San Francisco and the journey will continue.

The journey is the destination.

War Wounds


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Brutal climbs Wretched Roads Really Great People! Interview recorded from Gaviota State Beach the evening of July 27, 2011   STFC-072711  

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